In Government class, we are learning about the Judicial Branch. We got a little first-hand experience of how a courtroom works during our Mock Trial. Students took on roles as lawyers, jurors, witnesses and of course judge. Our case was a civil case in which a head football coach suspended 14 players for wearing black armbands during a football game in protest of the opposing school’s religious beliefs. This trial led us to talk about the first amendment as well as the establishment and free exercise clause. In the end, the jury ruled in favor of the defense which was the coach.

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Pictures from the last home volleyball game of the season. We praise God for the many talents of our students.

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Our annual catalog fundraiser for PTL was sent home today. Our PTL funds many activities at the school from helping out with the playground, to funding sports programs. About 50% of the profits of your sales come back to the school. If you need some Christmas gifts take a look at our catalog.

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Thanks to a very special and generous donation, we have some very cool new chairs in the 7th & 8th grade. We are very blessed and appreciate the opportunity to learn in style. We were all pretty excited when they arrived this morning.

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Students at St.Paul’s are working on a mock trial for government class as we learn about the judicial system. Today we had a practice where each student had a scripted part, and played out the roles in a criminal case.  We are currently preparing and working on a non-scripted civil case involving the 14 African American players who were suspended from the Wyoming football team for taking part in a peaceful protest in the 1960s. Each student has a role in this mock trial, and we will play it out in court, and see if the university had a right to suspend the players or if the university acted outside of its legal rights.

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Parents are welcome to come along. If you would like to come along on this Field Trip to St. Paul’s High school please let me know. If you are thinking about sending your child to St. Paul’s this is a great way to check out what St. Paul’s is all about.


Picture Order forms went home on Monday.Please bring back order form with money by the 20th.

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Download a QR code scanner and stop by the 7th and 8th grade room and listen to the students introduce each other and a few of their favorite things.



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