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Literature Blog Guidelines


7th graders you will be reading the book Holes, 8th Graders you will be reading Robinson Caruso.


Directions: We will be reading a chapter every 3 days. At the end of three days you will write a blog post. This blog post will be worth 15 points apiece. The blog will be due every 4th day. And will include:


  • The name of the Chapter You will come up with this name on your own as the chapters are just numbered in your book. Think of it as a newspaper. Make a heading that will catch your readers attention.
  • You will include a bullet point or paragraph form description of the characters involved. ex Johnny- Main Character, He works on a plantation for little pay and is struggling to get by.
  • Then give me a summary.  This summary will include at least 5 specific details or events that happened in each chapter. Finally it will include your thoughts on the chapter. Tell me what you were thinking or excepting. You may talk about your thoughts or feelings.
  • Finally Include some sort of visual that applies to your chapter. It can be a picture, a song, a video , or just something that you found on line that applies to your chapter.
  • To access your blog go to If you access it from your Chrome-books at school you will automatically be logged in. If you access it from a computer at home you will have to use you login information for your school account that I gave you.


This is how you will create your blog:


  1. You will open up a new tab and in the Google bar you will type in Google Blogger
  2. At the bottom of the page, click the orange box that says Continue to Blogger. Click it.
  3. Then click the grey box that says Create new Blog
  4. Title the blog your name, and then the name of your book.
  5. Then in the address bar, put your First Name followed by a period and then your Last Name with no spaces.
  6. Pick the style of blog that you want and then click create.
  7. Then click the orange pencil.
  8. Copy the link in the Google Bar
  9. Then go to this link and fill out the page
  10. Then click submit
  11. Then in the upper right hand corner click New Post. You may begin writing. DO NOT CLICK PUBLISH UNTIL YOU ARE COMPLETELY DONE. INSTEAD JUST CLICK THE SAVE WHEN COMPLETED CLICK PUBLISH.
  12. You are done J
  13. Your parents will be able to see your blogs on my website


Word Mover allows you to create poetry by choosing from word banks and existing famous works; additionally, users can add new words to create a piece of poetry by moving/manipulating the text.

Create a story map. Helpful when writing a paragraph or short story.

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