National Lutheran Schools Week Devotion.

Go to this link to put your picture:

Each of you will create a Google Doc. and Title it your name/ Devo./ 3/6/15

On this document you will write a paragraph about what service means to you. The National Lutheran Schools Theme comes from Mark 10:45 which says, “For the Son of Man came not to be served, but to serve, and give his life as a ransom for many”.

I want you to write a short paragraph about what this means to you, and how we can serve others. You must incorporate one Bible verse that talks about service.

1. Bible Gateway is a great tool, to find Bible verses that talk about Service.

2. We will also create a Google Presentation. Along with each of your paragraphs, you will include one picture, with your Bible verse up on the screen.














Devotion Rubric


You will create a devotion. You will choose from one of the following topics below.

















You devotion will be developed using Google Presentation. You will create a devotion on one of the topics above. You must include at least six Bible verses that talk about how we should handle your topic. Your Project will include:


  1. Slide 1 will have your name and your topic
  2. Slide 2-7 will include your 6 Bible verses. Each Bible verse will include an explanation in your own words of what each verse is saying. Each verse will have its own slide.
  3. Slide 8 will sum up the whole presentation. In your own words sum up what your Bible verses are saying.
  4. You will use some visual or audio technology to help tie your devotion home. This can be on slide 9 or you can bring a visual element to class.
  5. Slide 9 can include a song that applies to your topic. It can include a collage of pictures. IF you want to play or sing a song on a guitar or bring another visual tool to help demonstrate your topic you may.


You will have 4 class periods to work on this. Due on Thursday of Next week.











Devotion                                                                                Name:_______________

Information: Do you have a good amount of written information about your topic.-did you follow the directions?   -did you have accurate, appropriate info?- in your own words?  


____________/10 pts

Presentation: Is your information presented in a way that would be considered “quality work”?- done on time?    -nice and neat?     -eye-catching?-pictures, graphics, etc? – colorful?  -creative? -final draft quality?  



Writing Quality: Is your information written with good quality?-capital Letters?     -complete sentences?-correct spelling     -punctuation

– has a “voice” (in own words, fits the mood, etc.)





Look here for great Bible Studies for youth. Also for articles on tough topics and questions that you might have. It is a great resource.

We will spend a little time in class looking at other religions. Here is a website that gives facts about different religions around the world.

A good online Bible. 

I have not looked through all of these apps but here is a list of free Christian apps.


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