Need to Knows

Class Website: I have set up a class blog, which can be found at . On this website I will post the current homework assignment for each day as well as you can find any class announcements. I will also use the blog to post grading rubrics, class project instructions, as well as pictures of projects that we completed in class. If you do not have internet access at home, or do not want your child’s picture or project posted on the class website please contact me.

Introduction: Colossians 3:17 “And whatever you do, in word or deed, do it all in the name of the Lord Jesus, giving thanks to God the Father through him.


Here at St. Paul’s we want our students to understand that our faith and the lives that we lead should not be separate. Our faith is not something that is a small part of our lives, that we keep on the back burner. We have eternal life in heaven to look forward to, and that is a remarkable gift that was given to us by our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. We want this message to shine through in all that we do.


Google Classroom: St. Paul’s is registered with Google Apps for Education. What this means is that your student has their very own email address. Their email address is their first name, a period, then their last name, and . With this we also have what we call Google Classroom. This is a way for the students to submit work to me through this paperless app. I will also communicate with the students through this app. Anything that I post on their you will be able to find on my website also. I will send both your child and you, their email and password. For your information this will be heavily monitored by me who is the administrator of the Google Apps for Education. I will be able to log on and see everything that your child does on their chrome book, and with their school email. If something inappropriate happens your child will be suspended and be revoked of this privilege, and a meeting with the child’s parents will be in order. Thank you for your cooperation on this matter.


Remind 101: Remind 101 is a way for me to contact a group via text message. I will use this to send out class updates, and as a way to remind you of important upcoming events in the classroom. This will be used as a reminder, of field trip information, important programs that your child will be in, and in case of an emergency. This will not be a source of sending you announcements and/or homework assignments. As a 7th or 8th grader, your child needs to be responsible and does not need me to send you those reminders. Also all of your homework and announcements will be posted on my website.

Class Textbooks/ Classes: Following I will include a list of the classes that will be taught this year as well as the textbooks that will be used.

  • Luther’s Small Catechism. Students will go through and learn about what we believe as the Lutheran Church. We will also attend chapel every Wednesday at 9:00. Families and friends are more than welcome. Students will sit in mixed age groups in chapel “families”. We will accompany the kindergarten and preschool to chapel. When you visit students are more than welcome to sit by you.
  • Excursions in Literature: This is a Christian based textbook, with many Biblically based stories in it. There are some really great stories in this book!
  • Life Science: Christian based science textbook. We will learn about cell structure and cell division as well as focus on Creation and look at the facts that support creation. Then we will move into Biology and the plant and animal kingdom. Exciting stuff!
  • Total Health: A Christian based health book where we will learn about the human body, as well as nutrition, fitness and exercise, building strong friendships, and end the year with talking about substance abuse and the effect drugs have on the body.
  • The American Republic: Christian based history book. We will focus on American history. We will stat with the settling of the colonies and go all the way through the sixties and look at the 21st
  • Writing & Grammar: We will have grammar homework every night. It is important to learn the English language that we use everyday.


  • Saxon Math: Textbooks will vary. Your child will either be in Algebra 1, Saxon Course 3 or Saxon course 2 or Course 1.  On the first day of school I will give each student a math pre-test. With this test it will show me which students below in which textbook.
  • Spelling: We have the Houghton Mifflin spelling series. Each week we will take a spelling test and focus on spelling exercises.
  • Art and P.E. will be taught by Tara Sprinkle this year.
  • Music: Your child will choose between band and choir or participate in both if they like. You must participate in one or the other.

Assignments: On the first day of school students will be handed a lesson plan book. It will be the student’s responsibility to write down the homework assignments in their lesson plan book. The homework will also be posted on my class website. Each month we will have a book report due as well as a spelling test at the end of each week.

Book Reports. A book report will be due on the third Friday of every month. Look on the class website for instructions and due dates.

Parent/Teacher Conferences: We will have a parent teacher conference in November, however I would be more than happy to meet with you anytime you want to schedule a meeting.

School Lunch: We will serve a hot student lunch Monday through Thursday. On Friday your students will receive a sack lunch with the choice of ham and cheese or PBJ. Your students are welcome to bring a lunch from home at anytime, however please note that we are unable to heat student’s lunches in the microwave so plan their home lunches accordingly. Milk is included with the purchase of a school lunch and 35 cents extra if they want to purchase just milk or extra milk.

School Programs: We will have a Christmas program for grades 3 through 8 and a separate program for grades preschool through 2nd grade. Students are expected to participate. We also have an Oktoberfest and a new program this year called, Lutheran Schools Week Life Together Fellowship Sunday, where the band and choir will perform. More information will be given to you about that. We also typically have a talent show in the spring. Students will also be performing throughout the school year at local civic events, you are more than welcome to come. Drivers are always needed.

St. Paul’s Lutheran Church: If you do not have a church family or would like to visit you are always welcome co come to St. Paul’s Lutheran Church. We have services on Saturday night in the school gym, which begin at 5:30. It is more informal and more of a contemporary worship service. Our Sunday worship service begins at 9:00 followed by coffee, juice, and a snack in the gym. Sunday Bible class/ Sunday school for both adults and children will begin at 10:15.

PTL Meetings: St. Paul’s has a very active Parent/Teacher League, which meets every other month. The purpose of PTL is to help fund extra activities that take place at the school. It’s a great way to get involved. This year PTL is working on October fest to be this years major fundraiser.

Class Field Trip: Stay tuned for class trip information. We will also have our annual fishing and class fun day at the end of the year. We go out to Clover Dell Lake and fish, as well as use the ball fields to play on.

For your information: The school has asked all teachers to share this with you.. The Immunization Tdap, is required for 8th Grade in any Missouri School. This protects against diphtheria, ( a throat infection that can lead to breathing problems) Tetanus, ( a muscle problem that causes severe tightening of muscles) and Pertussis, (or whooping cough).

If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to contact me. It is with great pleasure that I get to work with you and your child. We are blessed with an awesome God. It is my goal to share with your child the love of Jesus as well as to help them learn. I pray the Lord blesses this year as we work together.

Please be sure to check out the class website as I will have all of the homework posted, as well as projects, and announcements.



New this year on my website are instructions on how to use the school’s Google account at home, and how to log onto Google classroom at home. I will assign many homework assignments that will need to be completed on Google classroom. Just go to my website, click the How To Use Google At Home Tab, and watch the instructional videos. Thanks!


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