Science Test Review Due this Friday

Directions: The test will be written from this study guide. This will be due on Fri.

Note: The section in the science book where you can find each answer is stated after the question.

  1. Name 2 advantages of a radio telescope. (3.11)
  1. Besides visible light, name the other kinds of radiation that stars emit. (3.11)
  1. Why can the Hubble Telescope detect stars too faint to be seen from the earth’s surface?(3.12)
  1. Know the names of the early devices that were used to look at the stars and tell me about each.(3.3, 3.4)





5.Describe the basic construction and function of refractor (3.5), reflector (3.8), and composite telescopes (3.10).

  1. Compare and contrast the ancient and modern definitions of constellations. (3.17)
  1. Locate a star on a chart given its right ascension and its declination (3.18)
  1. Illustrate the 2 types of star motion. (3.22)
  1. Be able to predict a stars relative temperature based on its star color. (3.23)
  1. Know the difference between star clusters (3.27), galaxies (3.28), and nebulae (3.29).
  1. Know what Quasars (3.30) are, and Black Holes (3.31) are.
  1. Note that all vocab words in this chapter are fair game for the test!.

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